140830 LEO during Byul-hana (별하나) first fan meeting

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work it, leo, worK IT

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imagine pocket-sized taekwoon that just gives u tiny little rounds of applause to keep u motivated

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Bin + Kong = kwiyomi ~ ≧∇≦

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he’s the one who asked you all to meet up ravi..

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SpiderMan Taekwoon ヽ(´∀`●)ノ

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leo dying at ravi’s speed quiz answer ~__~
(hongbin wanted you to say “gopchang” ravi…………)

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ken complimenting and fist bumping a starlight with cool-looking purple hair

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140830 ST★RLIGHT ‘Star One’ Fan Meeting

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are you sure it’s not just you repelling n-hyung, hyuk??

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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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93liner chingus’ four words to each other

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am i the only one who thinks people look hotter when they’re in underwear and not when they’re naked

1) its this whole “leaving it to the imagination” thing that we humans like
2) genitals are fuckin weird lookin bro
3) have you seen a limp dick it’s like a sad sea creature

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